Streaming aircraft

The terrain is being streamed to our devices so why not the aircraft? Aircraft take up a lot of space (4.5GB at the moment for me and I haven’t even downloaded all of them!) so streaming would greatly reduce the storage needed. There would be an option to stream it or to download it for (semi) offline use.

Yeah seems like a good idea. The only problem there would be is all of the problems streaming terrain


I might be helpful considering it might reduce storage especially since global came out. However, I would like to remind you to please vote for your own feature request.

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And given the fact that a big portion of the community want to fly offline when they’re not connected to the interwebs, this wouldn’t work if the aircraft were streamed. Thoughts?


Wouldn’t this suck up a great deal of WiFi/Cellular Data, as well? Not a genius at this, just asking.

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That’s why you would have an option to download them to your device instead of streaming. You can choose which one works for you.

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IF doesn’t work offline.

Exactly my point. Your feature wouldn’t work offline.


It wouldn’t, but he’s saying that you have the option to stream it if you don’t want to download it. If you want to download it to kinda use it offline, then you can.

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The aircraft would have to be downloaded each time, therefore using more bandwidth, and slow internet people like me would suffer at home (We can only get DSL where we live)

Exactly. You could pre-download the aircraft if you know that youre gonna use data.

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I think what FDS is trying to do is make the game less reliant on streaming not more based around streaming. There is quite large demand in community for being able to play offline I’m not sure if they would put time into it might also require extra servers.

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not a favorable idea for people with below average internet (mobile) connection.
life’s already hard to stream those terrains, if the plane needs to be streamed as well then they might want to stop using infinite flight XD

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FDS adds Plane streaming

plane turns black on final approach

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Good idea! There is no point to waste storage by downloading the plane because you cannot play IF online now.