[Stream Ended] Mic on! Come Chat! Live Streaming Now! Friday Night Flight! Infinite Flight Live | EBBR - ESSA | SAS Retro A319

Live Now!

Infinite Flight Live | EBBR - ESSA | SAS Retro A319

Flown with Thrustmater T-Flight Hotas X Joystick and Throttle Quadrant

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Taking off now! See you in the skies!

Climbing now!

What Server?

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Expert Server, always expert server.

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TOD Is Here! Begining decent!

Now entering approach for ILS Runway 19L

Back on MIC! Come chat with me!

It seems the lucky featured ATC are @ADDY28 and @Adam_Macaulay


Now on final! Sterile cockpit is now being enforced!

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nice seeing you in the skies @schyllberg! That was one sweet landing!


Here’s a photo I got. @schyllberg In the middle, me in the modern, and @Darpan in the retro on the left


Thank you everybody for such a great stream! Had so much fun today and I will probably see you all tomorrow! Have a great evening everyone!


Hey there! I have a hotas controller as well, but I am scared to use it on Expert server. It is easy to use? And to set it up all you do is use the LiveFlight Connect on pc correct?

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I feel like the Hotas drastically improved my flying, my landings have become much much better. I recommend around 20% sensitivity but you will need to spend an hour or two in casual to find what works for you, and I do use live flight connect to connect my joystick, hope this helps!

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