Stratus Clouds?

Hello! I don’t have social media or anything, so my apologies in advance if I am not caught up on anything, but weren’t stratus clouds supposed to be added in 20.1? Or was the picture in the YouTube video just a teaser? Thanks!


Clouds are still in development. I’d like to predict within 6 months again!



No not in this update, it is probable that it is coming in the next update

Thanks, Cpt_Zorndy

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@PilotCSG and @Cpt_Zorndy Thank You!

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Perhaps in the next update, be sure to look on the Infinite Flight Blog!

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That is not true, clouds still in development, is not because of project metal.

The first iteration of clouds is not tied to Project Metal at all.

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Nah they weren’t added this time around, I’d say towards the end of 2020 would be a good time to expect them.

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Ah I see, ignore my reply.

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