The StratoLaunch is a 6-engine aircraft designed to fly into the stratosphere carrying a rocket and launch it from there. This project was founded by StratoLaunch Systems in 2011. StratoLaunch Systems is a private aerospace company founded in Seattle by deceased Paul Allen and Jean Floyd.

The first flights of this aircraft were supposed to start in 2019, but because of secrecy and Paul Allen’s death, deaths are vague. The StratoLaunch has :

A wing-span of 117 M
A length of 73 M
Height of 15 M
Range of 1,000 NM
…and the top speed is classified.

I think this aircraft is a big step for aviation, and having it in IF could be a nice addition to the SOFIA and the SCA :)

Credit: StratoLaunch Systems, CORP.

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