Stratolaunch, the Worlds biggest Plane, is Airborne

The Scaled Composites Stratolaunch is an aircraft being built for Stratolaunch Systems by Scaled Composites to carry air launch to orbit rockets.

And looked bad in January for the now biggest plane in the world:

However, despite everything: Today the plane had its first flight. And it’s already airborne.


Here you can track the flight:

And yes: The AN225 officially is pushed of the throne.



bigger than the AN225?

Yes. Check the picture I just added to the main topic :)

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I’m not scared of flying in planes, but this one right here is another story…


dang! is that for the US Gov or another?

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Nah, Antonov 225 is better. I kind of don’t like this plane at all, but this is interesting! I don’t think this aircraft can handle anything heavy, and will not beat the payload of the An225. In addition, An 225 is also the heaviest aircraft in the world. 🤔

Edit: By looking at the picture above, I think the Antonov 225 is definitely bigger, while the Stratolaunch only has a wider wingspan. Not trying to hate this aircraft this much, I wonder how both pilots are communicating through the twin body cockpits.


The Stratolauncher is for a private American space transportation venture called Stratolaunch Systems. It basically drops rockets at a high altitude that will then go to space.


oke so will they launch something?

Is it just me or does this airplane have a double head


yeah bro it looks weird

Stratolaunch is not the largest. It has the largest wingspan, but in terms of physical area, that goes to the AN225.

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its looks like a giant drone.

Paul Allen would be so proud congrats to everyone making it go Airborne!

Wait, is it flown from one of the sides, or in couoprative effort?

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