Stratolaunch Operations are shutting down.

Unfortunately, the Stratolaunch is ending operations, and is being sold for $400,000,000 USD.
You can read more about it here,

and here,

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Anyone have a spare 400,000,000


I wish, plus tax, so that’s going to be an extra unknown amount of dollars.

I wonder what’s going to happen to it… storing it alone would cost millions a year

I think that this is a project that NASA, Space X, the US Government or a new private independent company would pick up

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I just hope it’s not the Mojave Boneyard…

It will be in a museum for aviation or aerospace, like the first 744 and the An-225 will be.

Well if you come down to Costa Rica and do the business then you won’t have to pay any extra taxes:-))

Well Richard Branson would pay 1 Dollar xD so still 399,999 Dollars left

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