Strategic airlines A330-200



Double post?

I’ll look again

Is this an Australian Airline?

It looks great

Was an Australian airline I believe, I’ll look into it to find out more information

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It was a sister airline of Air Australia. It was a charter company using Air Australias aircraft. It was Originally a cargo company using 747Fs And some other aircraft. I’ll create a topic going into further depth.

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Sorry but this is really bad


I agree with you onbthe tail, and font but disagree with the rest

No the tail is fine just take away strategic and like the colours are all over the place

The blue on the winglets are completely different to the rest of the plane which is bad…

They shouldve made the engine the same colour as the winglets and the tail shouldve been the flag aswell with a sleek strategic text under the windows between door 1 and door 2

I thought I’d already requested this? It’s a real Aussie livery!

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