Strangest Airport I’ve flown out of! - Tijuana to Sacramento

Guess who’s back (back back), back again~
Hi, I recently flew from Tijuana to Sacramento Int’l, and I just wanted to say that Tijuana is the weirdest airport I’ve been to.

First off, half of the airport, including all the gates and one runway, is in the States, while the other, more inferior half is in Mexico. Despite this, the airport is registered as a Mexican airport, and serves international destinations for many airlines.

Next, the airport is large enough to accommodate about 15 planes at a time, with a terminal smaller than most in the world.

The control tower is no taller than a 747, and is so low that one can see the instruments in the cockpit from it.

The taxi lines are weirdly placed and hard to follow, and the runway isn’t to long.

The departure out of Tijuana is surrounded by mountains and is hard to navigate.

Anyway, here’s my flight from Tijuana (MMTJ) to Sacramento (KSMF). Despite what I said earlier, this was actually quite a fun flight and would recommend it to anyone without global.
Aircraft: A321-200
Airline: American Airlines.

Parked at one of the tiny gates at Tijuana^^

Taking off after a rather chaotic taxi out of the terminal^^

Turning towards the mountains 🏔 ^^

Fast forward an hour, we’re flying over San Fran on our descent^^

Landing at Sacramento at 8:12 AM! ^^


Great pictures!

I’ve flown out of Tijuana too! In infinite flight, it look like This airport is over the border, but the whole runway and gates are actually in Mexico! In infinite flight it’s hard to model a difference of 15 feet from the border.


We have a tail strike


oof yea but i didn’t capture it XD

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Didn’t know that, thanks for letting me know! Though it is, kinda strange how close this airport is allowed to be near the border.
Hope you had a great flight, by the way!

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Very cool pictures I should try flying to tijuana sometime

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@david_lemke you should definitely fly sometime and @Adi26 trust me its a super nice airport I love every bit of it just because since I was 3 I’ve always flown out of there. Just remember that if you depart there going the way of Mexico when you depart and gain about a few hundred feet’s make a immediate turn to the left or right depending on the runway to avoid us territory. Usually they only takeoff and land from 27

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Haha yes I agree I had a lot of fun on this flight
I do wanna fly into Tijuana instead of out of it as it’s a little more of an experience tho :)
I like the airport because of it’s uniqueness, but it still takes a bit of time to get used to lmao

Nice one!
I’ve flown a Cessna IRL to Brown Field Muni and was struck by how close the Mexican border and Tijuana Airport was to the Brown Field runway!

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Great pics

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