Strange Things

Strang things was happening for a pilot in SoCal on expert this evening.

Probably people trying to get as far as possible out of the region without thrust as usual.

However, the negative altitude is interesting.

haven’t seen that before (negative altitude)

Are you reporting this as a bug. If so, please list your device info, software, and IF version.

There’s no way to know if this a bug or not yet.

It wasn’t a bug on my device, maybe on IF but I wouldn’t be able to say as I wasn’t experiencing it. Someone else maybe able to report if it was a bug for them. All other pilots were fine but this one. I just wanted to point out a strange data reading on Expert tonight mainly.

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That bug is called now “infinite” fligjt.

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As I said in the post this was on Expert

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Oh, that’s pretty weird then.

Or he just crashed and didn’t end flight or go back to parking.
The plane continues to sink for other users.

Must be patched up now. :(


still works!

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