Strange things in Namibia

Hi everyone

Just saw this over Namibia, someone know what it is ?

Have a good day :)


I dont know, but I like it! 😅😂

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i think someone is planning a red bull air race


😂 With the A380 am I right? 🤣


nah the A330

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What’s the closest waypoint?

Seems it may be an airport at a guess that has an incorrect altitude. Only two ‘spikes’ are shown as the distance away from the airport is very far and won’t render the full block unless you zoom in or go closer to the area.

Could you find any airport ICAOs on the map near that area?

If I remember it’s APDEM


Thanks for your answer :)
I think it’s FYAR

Couldn’t find it anywhere (couldnt actually locate the area on the map, giving a zoomed in screenshot of the map next time would be great so the area can be navigated by map reference and airports that are nearby.

FYAR I dont believe is it as the altitude seems fine, there are tons more airports if you zoom in on the map.

do you have the closest waypoint to it??

i tried flying over that airport but couldn’t see anything?

the terrain looks very different though…

What about rewatching the complete Replay to find this again 🤔😅

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I think Red Bull Air Race 😄


I give you all the informations with the replay ASAP

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I found it! The airport is FYND and only if your far enough away will it look like those stunt plane obstacles.

You’ll also see me experiencing my imminent demise.


“into the earth we go!” ~you… probably

This thread looks like a NASA mission, I’m loving it…


Coolio. Sorry to immediately spoil your fun, but I’ll fix this for the next update.


I feel like now we have to figure out some fun way to use this weird skyscraper before it goes away, any ideas anyone?

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