Strange thing

Now while planning my flight I noticed a strange thing, look it indicates that there are no ATC, but then when I decided to go to NY shows me that there are two atc. strange?!


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What do you mean ?

Or could be his network lagged for a bit

What i see is actice ATC in New York…

This lasted a few minutes, because it seemed strange, I also restarted the Aplications

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Sometimes you have to refresh the listing

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Now me too,but believe me,3 min ago no…

Click on that little renew arrow in the right corner😊

@DS2001 @Robertdiaz123 i did… Believe me…it was for 2/3 min.

Ok,anyway,go to NY!

You need to scroll up. It has happened to me all you do is scroll up it will show it then.

Check wifi, maybe it went on and off intermitley.

It didn’t show that I was active on the Status page because no active flights were there. As soon as a plane shows up in the region where someone is controlling, it will show us (controllers) active on the status page.

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