Strange thing on Plane Finder.

Haha reverse in the air…😂

This should be in RWA.

Not really sure what the purpose of this topic is…
737s can open their reverse thrusters above the ground too.


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This is actually an interesting topic. It does appear the reverse thrust is on but it might be the paint on the engines. Anybody have any thoughts? I don’t think they would put reverse thrust on short final. Not safe at all.

That’s no 737… And yes. Most aircraft can actually their thrusters in the air. The Tupolev tu-154 activates it reverse thrusters while flaring. People think that this video is a mistake but it actually is what the pilot should be doing.


As I assumed the reverse thrust isn’t in use when this photo was taken, it’s just the way the aircraft was photographed and at the time of day that makes it look like they’re on.



Oh, thanks for letting me know!