Strange terrain bug at Sitka Rocky Gutierrez (PASI)

I was on final for runway 11 at PASI when I came across some strange terrain. I was just wondering if you already knew about this?

That’s a bug

I think this is one of the more ‘famous’ terrain bugs in IF. My guess is that thee dev team is aware of it :)

I believe that this is just the way the scenery renders in Infinite Flight. If it’s not there in real life, it’s a glitch.

Problem to do with the terrain files, hopefully it should be sorted:)

Old thread but it was signalled before that this was an issue and apparently it isn’t on google maps.

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The entire airport is messed up, to be frank. I’ll be reworking it, and while I can’t guarantee that this issue will be fixed, the extended boundary may cut into it enough to chop it down.


Those spikes are where I practice air racing and aerobatics. 😂


You’ve got another month or so with it. And even then, no guarantees that this will be fixes.


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