Strange sunbright effect over 787-9 LCD panel.

Today i noticed this, the sunbright reflected on the 787-9 panel is very strange, it moves and have a kind of wave effect. Don’t know how to describe it properly, i made a video. It’s not a major bug or anything that disturbes me at all, just wanted to make you know.

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I suppose if it does it infinite flight it might happen in real life too.

Not that I know it does that just my theory.

This just looks like the suns reflection and glare to me since it changed when you changed the time of day. I don’t think it’s any big or glitch.

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I don’t think so, sunbright reflection IRL are somehow static, just moving when the object moves or the sun moves. But this is different. Take for example the reflection over the wings, it doesn’t have that moving effect.

This is a know thing. Thanks for the report 🙂