Strange spotting experiences.

Here’s mine, What about you guys

the reason this is strange is because it is only a daily flight usually, but today there were two and I couldn’t figure out why.


What else is new! Everything about Plane Spotting is strange including the people who do the spotting! Bartender another round please, Boeing 707 is buying! Max Sends


C-130 at BTV.
KLM 747-400M with white nosecone.
Some “special” (whatever you wish to call them) liveries
American 737-800 Astrojet retrojet

That’s about it except for some unexpected equipment changes


Do you have any videos?

I take photos not videos. Have to go find the links now.

I am a video man.

Multiple jetBlue liveries, Delta, Alitalia Skyteam, American Oneworld also (Look in the corresponding albums if you’re curious enough).

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Nice pics!

Thanks man. I’ve considered videotaping aircraft but my video recorder is not great quality and zoom isn’t good either.

Yeah, mine as well, but I am saving up to get a new one

I had pictures and videos of the PIA Airbus A310 on short final LBA/EGNM
This was on my camera which completely broke.

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Strangest thing was an Emirates Skycargo 744F on finals into Heathrow.

@Freddiefrogs nice! Always wanted to go and catch that!

You live near Leeds?

I used to live in Failsworth.

Yes. I think it was you I was talking to about LBA

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