Strange shadows

Yesterday I had this issue, nothing concerning, I just wanted to let devs know about this bug/etc

Strange shadows that only shows up on cockpit

Vers: latest
Device: iPad 2018
iPadOS: 14.4 dev beta
Storage: 128gb 38gb left

Have a great day! Pm for any questions :)


I have the same thing here. Hope that it gets fixed

Not necessarily a bug, more of an untouched issue. Airports can be seen through mountains, taxiways, and other airports. In your Image, you’re taxiing at KSEA (I assume), so you can see KBFI through the floor. Same issue in Hong Kong; you can see VHHX and VHHH through the many mountains surrounding the airports. I don’t believe there are any immediate plans to fix this as it isn’t a game-breaking problem per se, but more like something that isn’t urgent to be fixed.

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It throws me off during decent. But not so much, because there’s a huge mountain in front.

Known issue. Hopefully this will be addressed in an update in the very near future.