Strange Parking at Dublin

Hello! So, I flew in a TBM-930 from the Isle of Man to Dublin on the Expert Server. As I was in a private aircraft, I did not want to park at a normal gate. I looked on the taxiway map, and noticed two auxiliary hangar parking areas on the other side of RWY 16. There is no direct runway crossing to get to these hangars, I would need to taxi along the actual runway. When I got to what I saw as the closest crossing, I asked ATC if I could cross over, hoping that they would see where I was trying to go. They then gave me progressive instructions to do a 180 and directed me to a regular commercial parking spot. I did not want to create a fuss, so I just went along with it.

I was wondering if there is a better way that I could have done this, or is it impossible? Here is a picture from IF of Dublin, I will point out different areas of interest:

Thank you to anyone who can help!

That runway is actually used IRL for taxiing. But seeing as traffic in IF at EIDW is astronomically higher than those in the real world, I would just go with the flow, as you did. There really isn’t anything you could do imo


That would makes sense, but it is still also a runway so I couldn’t just taxi down it willy nilly. An yeah, I guess there is nothing I can do, with IF adding a new niche atc command

There are a few GA Parking spots in the Northern areas of Dublin Airport.

In the real world, runway 16 is often used as a taxiway, not all the time. Runway 16/34 is rarely used, when runway 28/20 is closed for maintenance or when the winds are direct and strong to heading 16/34.

In that case, I would suggest you to message the controller responsible for instructing you the progressive taxi instructions. I don’t know IFATC Lawin’s Tag or username here in this forum, other IFATC members can tag him for you. 😉


Yes that’s my exact point, IFATC couldn’t have guessed you were trying to taxi using the runway, the only option you have is to request a runway crossing. It’s a similar situation when back-taxiing over Unicom. There is no command to announce a back taxi so you have to announce it as a runway crossing and hope others will understand


Oh, ok. I guess I did not see those other spots. Yeah, 34 was being used as a runway at the time, so that probably made things complicated for the controller. There was only me and one other aircraft on frequency though.

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I’ve noticed that on Unicom as well.

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16/34 is used as a taxiway at DUB


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