Strange occurrence

So last night I was airborne and all other aircraft disappeared though all of my check marks were green. Upon approach I noticed KMEM was nonexistent and now that I think about it, neither was any other airfield. I also noticed my headwinds had not changed from FL380 to the ground. 41kts on touchdown. I also could not broadcast any message on Unicom. Upon touchdown the camera kept glitching and it was calling out “300. 100. 50. 500. 100. 50. 20. 10. 100.”

I’ve never experienced this before. I have not been on IF since and will be trying again this morning and I’ll let you know how it goes. Has anyone else run into an issue like this?

A similar issue occured to me a few months ago, only once though and what happened was that i had lost connection for over an hour, by the time i was back to check my device, all the icon were green so i didn’t understand why the scenery got blurry and all that. I recreated it by turning off WIFI mid flight, turn it on again after 30 mins and i was not able to reconnect to the sim.

That may or may not have happened to you, you might have lost connection for certain period of time resulting you getting disconnected from the server, the same thing happens if you leave the app for a long time.

I hadn’t touched my iPad for over an hour. Maybe that was it. Someone alerted me when I disappeared from LiveFlight.

That may be the reason. I haven’t had any connection issues for a long time so it hasn’t happened to me again thankfully, but a loss in internet connection for longer period of time may be the fault here, you could try it out by disabling your wifi mid flight, let it go for a hour or two and then try to contact unicom and see if the scenery is blurry?

I’ll give that a shot. Thank you.

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i had something similar so i took off lastnight at 11:00 pm est i woke up this morning at 8am est and it said i had 5 hours flight time and 11 hours to go i think something happend with the servers last night

Your case sound similar to this occurrence here:

The issue that OP is facing here and yours aren’t quite the same rather you should turn to the support thread linked above.

Has happened to me before, I think it happens when you lose connection for a bit.

Here are two screenshots I took last night. I flew again this morning and all looks good.

Did you try what i said earlier, if you are able to recreate the same scenario by cutting of your internet connection (WiFi or Cellular Data), then we know that that’s the cause :)

And your pics are pitch black, i can’t see much…

I totally forgot to try that, I’m sorry. I’ll attempt that later on. And yes it’s dark, I landed a little before 11pm 😛

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