Strange message: “Already an active connection with this user account”

Hey guys. I was flying last night, got to cruise and went out for a beer. Came back to this message. Anybody seen it before?

Do you have Infinite Flight on another device where you are signed in? If so, did you open Infinite Flight during your bar round? :)


Hey there!

No I don’t have any other devices; only have IF downloaded on my iPhone.

Did you close the app and try again maybe?

I’m able to fly today yes. Just changing my password now.

i also had the same issue few days back , but i have if signed in my only device thats my phone and no one else in family plays or uses IF.

You guys just reminded me to change my Google Password again… It’s not a bad idea to do that from time to time. I’d recommend you to the same even though it could also be a connection problem where IF failed to communicate with your account and basically tried to ”re login”. But because you were already logged in, IF thought that you try to connect twice.


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