Strange logo on IF a318

Hi everyone!

I flew a318 in Infinite Flight livery today, and noticed very small and unreadable logo behind 1LH door. Does anyone have an idea, what is written on it. All i can see is just small picture which looks just like app icon.
So, what is written there? (Photo) . I really need that.


(Airplane quality is VeryHigh)
Thanks 😉


I might be totally wrong, but the second line looks like it says #liveapp


There is similarity, but i dont see two “p” (aPP) on logo.

So, probably it isn’t… Would be strange i mean, but still possible.

It’s the infinite flight app logo but the words are unreadable.

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Thoughts? 😊

It’s “Welcome aboard” 😄

Anyway, Thanks everyone for helping me )

How did you figure it out?

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I second this. Now that you mention it, I can see a faint, albeit very blurry, “Welcome Aboard”. One word per line.

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I simply got 100% info.

I am not sure whether every letter is capital or not.

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It is a 100% “Welcome Aboard,” I added that and the IF icon where you would normally see an airline alliance/wifi sticker while boarding a real plane.


Thats cool.