Strange live flight for me today

Hey All,

just want to describe my strange live flight today and get your opinion on it.

so i was approaching LGAV, Approach cleared me for the flight plan and everything was going smoothly till i had one final left turn to the Runway 03L.

I saw a couple flights on the final and my left turn would impact the approach sequence but i didnt hear anything from the ATC. I was wondering what to do and suddenly my LNAV decides to take a shortcut directly to final and skip a way point. PANIC!!! Approach comes in and gives me a heading which wouldn’t affect the other flights approach and steers me off the airport . Before i could react and change heading i was warned that i would be reported for not following instructions ( correctly so, i was still panicking). But i managed and stayed off the course.

This is where it gets stranger, i was given a new heading 03R and everything was set and the approached passed me to the tower and tower gave me the permission to land. Now i pressed the APPR button on the final and my flight drifted away from the airport in 90 degree angle (technical issue? ) or did i miss something?

Now i did created a new way point and made a straight in approach and contacted the tower and got a landing clearance. In between the tower controller got changed and i wanted to report my position to the new person. But i pressed Go Around instead of report position. Then asked the controller to disregard the message and informed my position but he asked me not to make a duplicate.

Anyways happy that i landed on the third attempt. But i still have a couple of questions - Why did the APPR work like that? Why did the LNAV skip a way point? Do you wait for the controller to contact you or you contact them yourself after being cleared for flight plan? Should we report position when the controller gets changed?


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I saw you, I was the new controller when it happened the change, I told you not to send duplicate messages because you were already cleared to land

Hello and welcome to the community! I’ll try to answer your questions to the best of my ability.

  1. Are you sure your source was set to Nav 1 and not Nav 2 or GPS?

  2. I’m not sure why LNAV would have skipped a waypoint, it could be because the waypoint that was skipped was too close to the waypoint you just came from.

  3. When contacting tower after approach, you always should call inbound. If cleared for the ILS, inbound on the ILS, etc.

  4. When a controller change occurs, you don’t need to report your position. They can see your previous communications, letting them know who is cleared to land and what you have called in on (ILS, GPS, visual, etc).

I’d also suggest taking a look at Infinite Flight’s User Guide and YouTube channel which I’ll link below. It provides a lot of helpful information regarding Infinite Flight.


Glad you got down safely.

Were you tuned into the correct runway? Make sure you were tuned into the correct runway, and not the opposite (i.e RWY 21), and that you have NAV1 enabled in ‘Source’ in Nav.

If you had an arrival procedure in your flight plan, make sure it doesn’t overwrite your previous flight plan. As in make sure it doesn’t have the same waypoints repeating each other on the arrival in.

You request an approach/request landing on a specific runway, or just ‘send’, and they’ll direct you from there to a pattern, and/or to remain on your fight plan with clearances and directing you to the runway.

When a controller takes over, they can see all the previous commands that you have sent. They can see if you have been cleared. Either they will take off from the last position, or sometimes might ask you for intentions, where you should just request an inbound again.

Thanks for the Answers.

  1. Thinking about it, i might have missed to set the source to NAV 1. I dont see any other possible explanation. But i got the green arrow in the heading meter.

Similar question, assuming i had chosen the opposite runway, i should still get picked up right? I remember from one of the ILS tutorials by a boeing 747 pilot that you can choose the opposite runway? Or i might be even wrong. I played the game a long time back and coming back to it just now!

  1. Yes, it was too close

  2. In this case i was waiting for a hand off from the approach but the LNAV issue happened and i was moved away by the controller.

  3. Thanks

ill look into the docs once again and study more :-)

Happy to help! I don’t think you should be able to set it to the opposite runway and successfully engage APPR. However, you can “backtrack down the localizer” in Infinite Flight which is used in a lot of approaches like the teardrop approach.

Yeah you can’t do that, IF doesn’t perfectly support APPR on localiser back-course approaches yet.
It’s cool to hand-fly one of those though!

Hey there!

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In order in activate APPR you need to have the ILS selected. In order to do that you have to click on the airport icon on the map. Then go to where it says runways, then click the runway your going to land on (not all runways have an ILS). And then click NAV1. Second, your altitude must be at or below 3,000. And your speed must be below 170kts. Third, you have to go switch your LNAV from GPS, to NAV 1.

I hope this helped!


IFATC is nothing like training server ATC. We are in contact before and after the switch to ensure a seamless transition. We are aware of who was cleared and also where people are going, so act as if it is the same controller.

Hi and welcome :)

  1. I encountered this before, is it possible that due to previously you set APPR for 03L, then Approach clear you for 03R and then you forget to change the NAV 1 to intercept 03R?
  2. This has happened a few times to me as well. When controller redirects you and deviating from FPL, you acknolwedge and disengage LNAV (and VNAV if required) and follow ATC assigned heading/altitude. I get the frustration when you are already on APPR and ILS established, then runway change occurs, you just have to disengage the APPR and follow ATC course.

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