Strange lines


After landing at OMAA strange lines appeared that were moving.

My device is an iPad air 3rd generation and my graphics settings are medium, medium, high, high and anti-aliasing. In 22.3

Hey there, is this an issue that’s consistently recurring and something that can’t be resolved without a simple app restart?

It happened to me when I landed and went to the parking lot, but if I exit the session and fly back in, the error disappears, it is not necessary to restart the application for it to disappear.

It’s good to hear that this isn’t a recurrent issue. What about reproducing the issue? Is this something that consistently happens after landing?

In the two flights that I did in 22.3 it happened to me only in one that was the longest (2:30 h), in the short one of 40 min it did not happen to me.

Hmm this also happened to me a few times in the past and I have no clue why
I believe I was in the hud view (don’t exactly remember but ik for sure that it didn’t happen in all views) when it happened, don’t have any screenshots but if it happens to me again I’ll send some over

mine also had this problem, some white lines appear regularly

Got some too. I just chalk it up to things will get fixed and it’s the Matrix resetting when you cross an altitude or something that our technology can’t fix. Like setting your cruise speed then it goes down a two tenths of a Mach to then got to 100 and 50 percent to get you to the sound barrier and slowly come down

These were taken on the casual server in 22.3. Flying a cubbie.
I get these lines intermittently close to 3D airports. I haven’t seen them in airports that aren’t 3D. Maybe that sheds some light on the issue?
Reminds me of the movie the Omen!😳

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Looks like an issue when rendering 3D objects.

But in the case of my lines they are as if it were a broken screen it is not when loading objects

To add information to my case I did several flights and it did not happen again, it only happened to me in abu dhabi.

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