Strange lights during night flights

Hi! I am currently flying at FL390 over turkey during the night and there is strange green, yellow and red lights in the background :(

Device is an iPad Pro 12.9
Running IOS 10.2.3 I think

If you are referring to the lines on the horizon, that’s just the sunset. Any other lights you may see will most likely be airport beacons, other aircraft, the stars and the moon.

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No, i’ve tried to set the time at midnight and it is still here

That’s probably because in the distance the sun is also setting for a different time zone.

I’d try and troubleshoot with a force quit and a device restart. If it still remains, try updating your iPad. It’s not too much of a game changing issue anyways (if it’s not supposed to be there).

Hi !

It’s a known bug in the sky rendering.
Could you tell me if it’s any better when reducing the brightness of your screen ?

Anyway, we’ll try to fix it.



Unfortunately not, but when I got under 20000-25000 feet, it disappeared

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I saw the same lights. They look weird