Strange issue with pinned IFATC schedule

Hey folks, IFATC schedule isn’t showing up for me despite being pinned globally. Any help would be appreciated. Using google chrome Version 80.0.3987.149

Check the #atc category

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This is kind of strange. Is the topic there if you are scrolling down through the forum?

If so, this is normal to me too. It’s just the way people actively are bumping topics and the pinned topics appear somewhere below.

No luck, I’ve been going to Tyler’s profile to find it these past few hours.

Well, here it is

Yes I know, but the issue is with it not being pinned even though it should be as is shown in the main post. I can find it if I need to but for simplicity’s sake the front page is where it usually is.

Have you tried to perhaps mess with the pinning options, (Unpin and pin globally) and refresh the website?

Yes, unfortunately the issue persists.

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Try logging out and back in. Note if it appears when logged out.

Okay, it appears correctly when logged out but it is still not present when re-logging in.

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Hmm. Seems to be a problem on your account end, rather that your local server or something 🤔

There’s a step forward for a start.

Make sure in #atc and #atcschedule you have notifications (found in top right of your category) set on regular/normal or above.

I believe this should be your solution :)

They were both already set at normal. Unfortunately that doesn’t fix it.

You seem to have the topic on mute though 😜

Have a great day… Lol

Pleeeeaaaaseee be the solution I don’t want to sound/look like a prat.

Well, there it was thank you. I don’t remember selecting that on purpose. Thanks for your help lol!

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*Wipes sweat off head.

No problem, always happy to help! 😅

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