Strange contrail pattern

Hey everyone!

I was getting some food when I noticed a contrail in the sky. I was looking at it for a while as I ate and wondered why it made a zipper-like pattern.


I’m referring to the ‘teeth’ that line the bottom side of the contrail. Why is this?

(P.s, the aircraft was a 737 MAX8)



Maybe the wind current? Idk

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Well, im quite sure the contrail was moving in the direction the wind was blowing, which was what made it that way. However the way it looks is very rare since contrails dont usually disperse so easily when its fresh.

Wow, what? Are you sure it was a 737 Max? These are donut rope contrails and if you search that up on Google, you see everyone talking about top secret stealth planes, namely the “Aurora”. This could be something important! Might all be a bunch of baloney tho…

Also, what’s with the blue moon?

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@Aviator_Airbus that would be lens flair, it’s relatively common when a bright object in an image, such as the sun, that is also the “halo” around the sun

It couldn’t possibly be Aurora, it’s been parked on the back side of the Moon for years now. Probably just more titanium and magnesium in the chem ahem contrail vapor.

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I have seen this a few times and just thought nothing of it

Maybe it’s flying through turbulent air so the trail ends up like that?


I can promise you that the “Aurora” is not a bunch of baloney. It is retired but because of how advanced the technology still is it aint coming out of a black development file for a while. Living in DC I had a general who was a family friend from the AF that had some work with the program band told me it existed just that it was retired and replaced with something new when he told me. He didnt say anything further because he said it was still under wraps. This guy was above 2 star and he wouldnt be lying about a program like that in his position.

Aircraft don’t just shoot straight air out the back. Engines create turbulent air that is being “spun” before being released to create propulsion. The contrail is created from hot gases from the exhaust, which hit the turbulent air and are forced into a spiral motion, creating this event. I would note also, that these are becoming more and more common with the increase in more modern (and larger) engines in the 777,787 and A350.

It’s not abnormal or anything to worry about - take more notice and you’ll see it more and more.

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Watch out, the US government isn’t too happy with people who disclose classified info.

Anyways, the clouds are certainly strange. It is not normal to see the sort of teeth shape.

Tbh I believe it, however the US is a power hungry nation, so why would the retire something so powerful? Perhaps funding??

Government Conspiracy.

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The contrails (frozen water particles from the combustion process) have been ‘blown’ into the wing tip vortices’s which spread out either side of the aircraft in flight. At high speed with a clean wing the tip vortices’s are fairly small (bigger vortex = moving more air in a circular motion = more drag hence wing fences/tips) resulting in a tight ‘curl’ .

Extremely common.

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It’s called they have something new out there. Why keep old tech if you have something much better. Doesnt mean you let others know you had the old tech but you stop using it.

Its that faulty chemtrail tip again🙄

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