Strange circle at KEDW

I was doing a solo flight this morning, and noticed this strange circle that resembled a compass heading. Is this supposed to be here, and what is it for? Thanks.

not sure if this should be under support if it’s not really an issue


I think it’s there IRL.

What Is it for? Would you know?

Unfortunately I don’t. Although Google might help.

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Located near what may be the world’s longest landing strip, the colossal compass rose painted onto the dry(ish) lakebed at Edwards Air Force Base, was created as an analog directional device at the emergency landing strip

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I’m not seeing the compass from diff sat images. Will advise a dev. Although it looks rather unique from the skies ;)

Edit: OP changed airport to Edwards AFB. See pic

It’s here in this older picture

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Sorry, I meant KEDW. Edwards AFB.

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Lol, welp thanks for making me the village fool. No worries.


It’s called a compass rose. It’s layed out so that aircraft instruments can be calibrated againced it.


The world’s largest compass rose still? Now I’m intrigued!


It’s absolutely amazing, that AFB! I feel more intrigued by KXTA ;)

Wow Chris, you beat me to the link

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A nice little Easter egg that they added to the sim ;)


It’s pretty cool how they actually painted runways and everything on the dry lake 😂


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