Strange Character Next to Offline Text

This strange looking character comes into sight when you turn off your connection on a Live server. This has only happened in slot six from my investigations.


How to Reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight.
  2. Press the “Live” tab.
  3. Press “FLY”. (Weather, region, and airplane don’t matter)
  4. Once you have fully loaded into Live, swipe up to open the control menu. (Not sure how to do this for Android, but it works on iOS)
  5. Once you have the control menu open, press the Wifi icon to disable your connection. (In game, you will notice the Wifi symbol [top right corner] turn orange. Wait a couple seconds and see the strange characters next to the “Offline” text)

Note: Remember to have the “Connection” menu option in slot six prior to attempting this bug.

Additional Information
iPad Air 2 / iPhone 6
iOS 9.2
Infinite Flight Version

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You put so much dedication into these…


Oh no.

More of these!! D:

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Henrik == Exterminator;
Henrik == Sherlock Holmes;


Henrik (a.k.a the Bug hunter) is back ;)

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I get so happy to see you find a bug, thank you for the hard work, and great find!

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