Strange Character in ATC View Menu

I was controlling a couple days ago at EGNX (this also worked at EGLL) when I was changing through the different ATC views. I noticed at the very bottom there was “AIRPORT/” and some strange character next to it.

How to Reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight.
  2. Select the Live tab.
  3. Select the ATC tab.
  4. Spawn as Ground and Tower ATC at EGLL or EGNX.
  5. Go to the “Tower” tab.
  6. Set it to “OFF” or “ATC”.
  7. When in the “OFF” or “ATC” view scroll down to the very bottom of the view list.

Additional Info
iPhone 6
iOS 9.2
IF Version

I was able to reproduce. Seeing this quite often.

Great bug report.

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Just tap it again (changing the views) and it will disappear, it has been here since the 2D selection thingy

Henrik knows how to bug report. Do you?

I can also confirm there is no airport/ view IRL, but there is a decent aero park, but unfortunately they have a big nimrod.

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