Strange camera “things”

Today I was flying in the new CRJ7 from Denver to Salt Lake City. As I took off I started noticing that the “cockpit view” camera was doing some weird stuff, it was not so often so I did’t worry about it. I engaged the A/P and the Nav mode and left my device (iPad Pro 9,7 inch) alone for a few minutes. I was back to start descending 80 nautical miles from KSLC (I started descending 62nm out). When I passed the FL100 line this camera weird stuff start happening again, this time was more intensive.
Basically the camera would stay still, without letting me move it. Then it changed to “HUD #2” and look downwards, straight to the mountains 4000ft bellow me. At the beginning (while climbing) it did it 3 or 4 times with a 40 secs gap between each, while on cruise (FL250) this did’t happen, but when I passed the FL100 line on the approach, this issue happened many times with a short time gap between, then the app crashed, as I said.
I updated IF yesterday (I was flying the nwe CRJ7 by the way), and I play on an iPad Pro 9,7 inch, iOs Im using is the 11.3.1 version. I recorded a part of the approach while on the KSLC airspace, it doesn’t take the real issue (just at the beginning of it) but due to Discourse specifications I can’t upload it, after a minute of stop recording Infinite Flight app crashed and I was no longer able to start it (just for a few minutes). Im currently able to log in but I just want to know why this happened and if it could happen again or if it is a device issue.
I hope you can help me. If I miss some information please tell me. Thanks.

Try to uninstall and reinstall IF.

I’ve already tried it today, this happened just before I did…


Could you please upload that video on Youtube and send us the link?

That’s a good idea, let me try it

Im uploading it.
In the video you can see how the cockpit disappears sometimes (as it changes to “HUD #2). And you can also see how, after changing the camera myself and retrurning to the cockpit view, the screen locks in the HUD cam.

Here is the video

Try restarting your device before flying. Clears up RAM.

it could be a faulty display what IOS are you and have you got a 3rd party (not apple) display replacement