Strange callsigns

Hi. I have seen some callsigns like
senators or kuwait private jet
How do you get these?

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Are you sure what you saw is the callsign (the one that is above) and not the name (the one below) in the labels?

You can no longer have special callsigns like these since a few updates back callsigns were restricted and are now spelled out by individual letters instead of pronouncing the word as a whole. They did this to help with the inappropriate callsign issue. If someone still has a special callsign now, it’s because they haven’t updated their callsign in quite a while therefore the filter hasn’t effected them.


Um, I was at KSAN. Someone despawned with a callsign: Lufthansa 06, and respawned with the Callsign pk47

This is not uncommon.

Lufthansa 06 comes from the Airlines tab
pk45 comes from the General Aviation tab

@kuwait is Kuwait Private Jet.


i know but from the general aviation tab it will be read ‘Papa Kilo Four Five’ but it was read ‘pk fourty seven’

The capitalization changes everything actually…

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@Parsa_Farjam I answered that question in my original post.

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You can’t do it anymore. The few people that still have them, have not changed their callsign since the update that restricted it. This feature is not available anymore.

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