Strange bug found on global

I was flying from Gatwick to Rome when after touching down in Rome my aircraft seemed to just fall through the ground and continuously bug out? Unsure why but it resulted in me being given various different violations :(. I have video evidence of what happened on touchdown

My brother had the same issue. Half of the runway glitched out. Only he didn’t fall through the ground.

Typically caused by a bad scenery download… This can happen if your connection drops out whilst your flying etc

If you go into settings → General→ Clear Scenery Cache that typically will solve the issue 🙃

If that doesn’t work, report back here so someone can go look at it 🙂


This happened once to me in lanzerote. It landed at like 4000ft above the scenery… Happened when the server was updating.

This has happened to me as well. As said previously, I would also suggest to clear scenery cache.

It happened to me now at 06-mar-2019 - 11:18 pm Brazil time
It was landing on LFPG and everything went black.
Now I cleaned the chace ma nothing works
I don´t can start the IF what is happening?

Check this please: