Strange bouncing and take drift

IPhone XR

A very strange thing has happened after I tried to take off starting on the runway.

It’s been a minute since I’ve played IF. And so too see what is new, I loaded up the 787-9 onto multiple different runways. For some reason when I pitch up without moving the nose goes up (no head wind included), and when I don’t even move at all the plane has a small bounce on the runway. After I make it to my take off speed, the plane makes a dramatic turn to the left or right and I can’t even get airborne. Any idea on a fix to this?

PROBLEM SOLVED! After deleting and redownloading the app, the problem nolonger exists, thanks to everybody who tried to help :)

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The 787 still has old flight physics and hence the quality of the aircraft may not be as good. You can try pushing the yoke down to keep the nose on the runway.

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Tried that, still has the dramatic drift after take off

Maybe an uncalibrated yoke or rudder lock glitch.

For nose moving with no forward speed, usually restarting the app will fix it. (I have had this occur before, rarely though)

For nose lifting early while accelerating down the runway - that is normal. Hold nose down for that, which also prevents premature yaw with any crosswind.

But for what you mostly described restart the app is best bet.

What speed does this occur at? I’ve known this to happen when you have an excessive speed on the ground ( > 170 kts).

Could you please share a video?

Restarted many times, nothing changed

Happens at around 140 knots

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I always have this problem.
The only way to fix it is to hold the nose down till rotation speed of around 140-150kts and keep your thumb on the rudder to correct it when it starts to drift
It can get difficult but you get used to it after a while.
Try practicing in solo before doing it in online

for the nose moving dramatically to the left which is what i am assuming is what you’re trying to say calibrate your yoke before takeoff and try not to move your device too much, use rudder to you should point it in the direction the wind is heading

To clarify what I originally wrote, I believe you are describing two overlapping issues, one a regular phenomenon of early nose up on the takeoff role with the 787 (with a crosswind yaw), and two, a rare and occasional bug:

Can you confirm your above quote is about being completely stationary on the ground, with no forward speed whatsoever?

If so, has this gone away since you restarted your app, so that you are only left with the problem of what the nose does on the takeoff role?

I am stationary, and have restarted the app many times, did not work

Just rediscovered it happens at gates aswell. Very strange bug where it looks like you’re suspension on your gear just bounces up and down, almost as if you are in water.

I think you should run this by @schyllberg . If I had what you describe, my my next step would likely be to re-install the app. But you will lose content such as replays if you do so.

That’s why I say you might touch bases with support staff.

The 787 is completely FLAWED, nothing good about the IF 787, surprised they have not redon it in the games 12 years of existence.


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That’s a purely subjective statement and clearly counter to the experience of myself and many users. In other words, it violates objective evidence.

I don’t hesitate to use the 787, and never have anything but pleasure flying it.

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Good point. I just voted. (update yes, completely flawed no)

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