Strange ATC Glitch

iPad Pro 10.5”:
iPadOS 17:

Hi there,

I encountered a problem at Heathrow last night where I was unable to communicate with ATC.

I was running IF on my iPad, via my iPhone’s mobile hotspot for WiFi. While setting up my flight, I suffered a temporary disconnect as my hotspot turned itself off for a moment. Restarting and reconnecting took no more than 15 seconds or so.

Anyway, once ready for pushback I called ATC with the request, and received no answer. The frequency was very busy so a delay was understandable. Waited a minute, and called up again as is standard procedure. Nothing. Another minute, another attempt. Nothing.

After about 10 minutes of this, I decided to restart the game. Re-loaded into Heathrow, same aircraft, same stand. Set up the flight again, called for push…… anddddd, nothing.

I could hear all other transmissions, both from aircraft, controller and the ATIS. However, it became apparent that the controller couldn’t hear me.

I’ll try again today and see what happens, and update this post if necessary.


Happens to me sometimes, it only happens when I’m using data tho

Could this be a new thing to do with mobile data then? I’ve never encountered this in my multiple years using Infinite Flight.

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I experienced this exactly one time on a flight out of Seattle a while back. ATC was present and traffic was heavy. I was able to fix the problem by completely restarting the app.

Im also on an IPad Pro 10.5, but I have a 2017 model.

It transpires that it was something to do with using my mobile hotspot, which itself was run off mobile data. Not sure if it’s an Infinite Flight thing or data speed thing, but either way I’m now using a proper WiFi network which has sorted out the problem.

Still, would be interested to hear from someone in the know if this is built into the game, almost like a data load shedding system?

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I was on wifi when it happened. But they maybe have since fixed it, idk.

Not sure, it first happened to me like 2 weeks ago.

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