Strange ATC Communication Glitch (Expert Server)

So I just departed KCLT half hour ago and it went smoothly. However, on the ground there was some confrontation. I began my taxi, and the controller instructed “Runway 5.” Yes, that was the command. So I park at the runway 5 holding line, and then sent “Request to cross runway 5.” I get a warning and then a repeat command “Runway 5” from the IFATC.

is this a new issue? The ATC command should be “Cross runway 5.”


Known issue with Runway 5.


Known issue, there seems to be issues with runway 5s. Advice to ATC controllers is to give the crossings via progressive taxi tab.


I was wondering why half the people were requesting to cross runway 5 after I told them to 🙃 thanks for the heads up. Sorry if I barked at you to follow instructions since on my side it said cross runway 5


You can’t really do that. All runway crossings require a crossing instruction, unless explicitly stated in a NOTAM that a runway is a taxiway.

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This has been documented in an earlier thread on forum.
I’ve now experienced this when request crossing RWY 05 at KCLT but luckily i was aware of this issue!

lol np. at first im like “why is he telling me to use short and cross-winded runway 5 instead”

is to not* give the crossing via progressive taxi instructions. That’s why i got confused and had to re-ask

Here’s the thread that are closed some 9 hrs ago

Sorry i think your a little confused by what I said, i meant to give the runway crossing through the progressive taxi tab. Not through progressive taxi instructions.


Yes I understand now. My bad

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this happened to me to but I didn’t wanna get yelled @ so i just crossed lol

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