Strange aircraft Squawk 7700 (General emergency)

It reminds me of playground…
Is it some sort of military testing aircraft?
Last known altitude-

Changed squawk code apparently


I just saw that! Haha

It’s now descending extremely rapidly!

I hope it doesn’t crash…

It’s climbing through 36,000ft!

It could be hydrolic failure, it looks like a ocelation cycle.

That’s odd, do you have a link? Oh give us the latest update too

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Where is it over? I’m going to try to track it.

Not sure, and I can’t send link. I’m using the app.

I will try

The funny thing is, it’s over Nevada. What if we’re not meant to see this 😂 Also, it’s at 36,000ft


Looks like he’s headed for KMMH

Alt- 0000ft, probaly a bug, but we can’t be sure.

Definitely an alien defense mission.
Edit: Made a very odd turn around weird array of green circles on ground, near KXTA (Area 51)
Edit 2: Flew right past area 51, extremely close.
Edit 3: Appears to be going as far away from area 51 as possible, maybe vectored away?


I got an alert too. Interesting…

It said it was landing but it disappeared suddenly

It disappeared in this area

Yea, check out the ending of the URL:

Could it be… the Aurora? Dun dun duunnnnnn!

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Area 51 secret plane testing confirmed


I say probably a military test