Strange aircraft registrations


I saw an old thread about this, which was closed from inactivity, so I think that we may be able to start another one.
OH-WTF a cessna 172


Wow. It’s an actual Cessna 172


Okay, there’s also this one… it’s not a swear but I’m going to hide it just in case



This topic has taken a very… interesting turn. ;)
(@Randomguy12 that may not be IFC-approved…)

[Edit: @Randomguy12 putting “mature content” may attract more viewers :)]


There are a vairiety that end with age inappropriate things, so if we do post them, censor them like I did.


Wow Air’s 320.


Registration: TF-BRO


**ATC**ok oscar hotel whisky tango foxtrot taxi to rwy23L

PILOT Ok i will taxi to rwy23L what did you say to me

ATC I said your callsign sir

PILOT Ok i rest my case


Okay, TF-BRO didn’t have to be censored, as it was appropriate. Others… do.


I’ll keep it covered just incase, as what It means is not appropriate



photo credits


A funny one!

I took this picture back in 2016.
A Malev 737-700 with registration HA-LOL, landing at runway 27 at EHAM.






Photo credit: Me


Had to be a M-INER in the Jetphotos database to find this:


I have a LS4a glider in my club which has a marking spelling „xD“ on its tail, it’s not exactly its registration but it’s still some kind of funny for me😂image


I thought it was fake…







I love the WOW registrations so much!


Lord sugar is a popular guy here in the uk, his says suga


Still waiting for: