Strange A320 bug

Can someone help me with this bug?
Android version : 4.2.1
Device asus
My modelnumber is: ME301T
And my build number is: JOP40D.WW_epad-

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What bug would that be?


What Asus model is it? It’d help if you could post a picture of Settings - About :)

Also, on what setting is your Aircraft Quality set at?


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What do you mean?

My settings are on full

Is anti aliasing turned on? Your talking about the rendering right?

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Yes i’m talking about rendering and my antianalising is turned on
What do you need? Modelnumber or build number?

Model number (i.e. what tablet it is).

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My modelnumber is: ME301T
Ane my build number is: JOP40D.WW_epad-

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Thanks, threw that in your post. This will be looked at :)


Thank uou and i hope this get fixt

Thanks for the report, i’ll try to reproduce on my side.


Haha bugs all ready

I normaly have my settings on high and then i have this bug.
But if i have my settings on medium i don’t have it, but then i dont have the cabin lights.