Strange A10 noises

I have flown the A10 a few times now after the new update. It is a really good aircraft but I have a strange glitch. When I am flying, from time to time there is a really weird noise as if the engine noise cuts out for 1 second and then comes back. Im curious if its just me or are other people experiencing this aswell?

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I’ve flown it for about 5 hours and i haven’t experienced this.


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Maybe I need to clear my cache but first I want to see other peoples reactions

clear cache is for scenery unfortunately

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Did you have any other apps open together with IF?

It’s good practice to clear your device memory before you spawn.

Nope only IF Assistant

A recording of this issue would be helpful. I haven’t had any issues with the sound(s) in the A-10.

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@Starley the thing is it doesnt occur on a Regular basis , so unless you want me to screen record hours of gameplay to get the sound, I probably wont be able to get it on recording.I can try though😉🤔

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