Strange 777 Cargo Livery

While spotting at VHHH few weeks ago, I came across this strange livery, anyone know what airline or operator this is?

Photo by me


It’s LAN Cargo, it’s in IF too.

It could be operating on behalf on someone else because it doesn’t say LAN, or it just might be like that because of the LATAM stuff. Do you have the registration?


Unfortunately not, both of my photos don’t show the registration. Maybe it wasn’t finished painting?

Doubt it, I think all the orders are done. Where is VHHH? Changi right? I’ll check the airport list. When did you catch it?

vhhh is hong kong, changi is wsss.

No, not Changi, Hong Kong International, date is Aug 5 2017.

Okay thank you.

@SirPilotOfAviation Looks like the chances are slim, you said that you spotted it a few weeks ago. I’ll try do what I can. Can you post the other photos please.

What day EXACTLY did you spot this?
Also what @jdag2004 said, can you post the rest of the photos?

Two possibilities

  • The plane is no longer owned by LAN Cargo. But hasn’t been repainted yet
  • The plane might be repainted to LATAM colours

But the first option is more likely in my opinion

Confirmed by @jdag2004 below. The plane is now owned by Southern Air as N778LA

This is the last one, only have 2, date once again is Aug 5 2017


No need, searched LATAM and their fleet history, it was delivered to LAN Cargo in December 2012, but in December 2015 it was leased off to Southern Air, you spotted a Southern Air that hadn’t been completely painted yet. Nice catch. The registration for the plane is N778LA.

More info ^^^

Nice catch.