Straight out departures

Just a small doubt, for the departure to be considered Straight out I need to follow straight up leaving the last Airspace of the airport? From what moment can I make the curve without worrying about taking Ghost (when ATIS reports “straight out departures only”)?

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You should continue straight out for +/- 8nm, then you can turn Provided that you are clear of all other aircraft


A straight out departures means that you maintain runway heading (give or take 15 degrees) until you are clear of aircraft departing on parallel runways.

You do not need to wait until you are outside of the last airspace ring. You can begin your turn as soon as you won’t interfere with other aircraft departing on parallel runways.


Right, thank you so much


Top line is ATC intention and bottom line is the action you should take. (Note it is 8-10nm)

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