Straight out departures only

Straight out departures only means straight out departures only.
I think the pictures need no introduction.


“Traffic, Traffic, Traffic”

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Climb! Climb now!

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Oh dear…

Unfortunately, there are very few who follows straight out deps. Many of them make an immediate turn after departure. We allow it until they go and disturb other traffic. If they disturb the traffic ie in ur case,ghosting is enforced for not following ATIS.


You are allowed to turn if straight out departures are on the ATIS as long as there are no other aircraft are next to you taking off. We ghost if another aircraft interferes with another aircraft taking off.


KLM should have been ghosted in this case.

Could this work as if you’re turning away from the pilot close to you? Would you still get ghosted?

Some don’t fully listen\understand ATIS. If I can recall correctly, I’m pretty sure that if someone doesn’t follow some important ATIS instructions ( such as straight out departures ) they have the risk of being ghosted. I’m pretty sure Tyler talked about that. Anyways, sometimes some controllers can’t catch every infraction. Moral of the story, listen to ATIS it’s only there to help you! 😂

nope,thats a smart turn, a best thing is to continue straight path till end of ils/gps cone and then make yur turn to destination

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No, you’re doing a parallel takeoff at LAX on the 25’s & you’re on 25L, if you turn left after your departure you shouldn’t be ghosted. If the aircraft on 25R turns left into your path or direction they should be ghosted. It’s recommended to continue to maintain runway heading then turn at the end of the ILS cone.

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Tip pilots and ATCs… if y’all see this GHOST THEM!

What NOT to do…👇🏼

I think the whole grading system should be changed to keep things like this from happening. I talk about it in this thread here. Let me know what you think!

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