Stowable traytable in A330 cockpit

Who’s with me that this distinctive feature needs to be in the reworked A330? 😂

While at cruise we can extend the traytable and imagine having meals and then stow them during descent lol
We’ve got wipers for 777, open cockpit window for 757, why not have a unique movable cockpit part in the Airbus? Something Boeing doesn’t have 👀

I love extending the tray table to eat the food that we don’t have


Just wondering what use this would bring? Doors, Opening Windows, APU Intakes make sense but I don’t think it would be beneficial haha


In my opinion, it might not be a priority for this to be implemented to the rework A330, but still, this is a good idea.


Lol we need this

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A bit more realism lol

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Just offering some ideas 😂


Did you look under the tray? (Just watched the end of the video, never saw that first time around, only watch until it says he was right 😬)

But yes, I agree with the others that this isn’t much priority.


This is a Must Have for the A330 reowork


Well that would well and truly make it an Airbus, wouldn’t it? 😂
I’m out of votes… but you know this is kinda a cool idea, but I do agree that it wouldn’t bring much use.

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The benefit of side stick! Wish I had a vote left! 😉

This would be cool! Not sure if it’s on the top of my list though.

Maybe we could get some Pepsi’s and a Krusty Krab burger for those overworked and deprived of resources for those poor in need pilots and co pilots.

Credit @Butter_Boi

Credit @Airnico_9962_on_Yt

Seriously it would be cool but something more practical would be better


Sure ! Add it . It would add more " immersion" into the sim.
Virtual cockpits can get boring if you stay in them long enough during a long cruise segment. A big plus was the functioning gear position indicators in the 752.
So I hope to see these in the new A330.

I don’t know how much computing headroom each detail eats up. But A few treats like the table is a good idea only in my opinion. There are so many more that actually could be introduced that impact aircraft operation.
I take every opportunity to plug separate Taxi Lights
also. It would be a big plus to see Taxi Lights on in very limited ground visibility conditions for several reasons.

Just add the separate switch to the lights panel

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It is the most useless thing I have ever seen for an aircraft rework but I love it!

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It’s called the “Krusty Krab.”

Overall, not a bad idea! Not at the top of my list, but a good idea nonetheless. It would be pretty cool if we could see this in IF.


How will you eat?

Boeing doesn’t have it because when you’re flying a Boeing, you’re not relying on computers. You can’t just kick back and be lazy (like an airbus “pilot”)

ikr 😂

Are you referring to the B-17 🙂