“Stow Bridges” Button Orange

Hello, IFC!

I have noticed a little anomaly in Infinite Flight.

When you do something, the button for it becomes orange. For example, when you are pushing back, the pushback button says “stop push” and becomes orange.

However, that is not the case for jetbridges. When attached, the button says “stows bridges” but remains white.

Of course this is a very minor discrepancy and is not urgent at all but I just think that for the sake of simplicity and unity, it would be better to make the button turn orange when bridges are attached.

That’s it.

A button color.

Thank you!


I mean its simple but 👌👌

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Sorry I don’t have any votes left tho

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With this fix:

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I believe it’s that way because it’s not an ongoing action, like: pushing back, setting parking brakes, gear/ flap/ speed brake extension, lights/ autopilot/ main battery/ APU enabled.