Storms Brewing in the Tri-State Causing Diversions

A large line of storms is headed for the Tri-State Area which is causing delays for many flights. Inbound arrivals are being put into holding patterns or are being diverted to other nearby airports.


Where is Tri-State?

You’re welcome.


New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

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Live near there. Not to bad. yet…

Oddly satisfying hahaha. thx

Screenshots have been posted.

I was on the bus in NYC going home when it started drizzling, and I was like “Oh my god, I’m screwed.”

2 minutes later it started POURING. You could actually see sheets and sheets of rain coming down. At that moment, I think everybody on that bus realized that we were all f****d.


Local approach airspace here was even holding small aircraft heading to new York area.

Crazy how 200 miles away in Upstate NY, it’s clear and sunny.

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There’s a JAL 788 inbound for Boston. It seems like the storm has passed from the west and is now east of the metropolitan area. Most aircraft from the west are proceeding like normal, but the east inbounds aren’t.

Which tri-state is this?

I was at a soccer game about a quarter mile from JFK. Off in the distance you could see the clouds darkening and I saw lightning, but my coach said not to tell anyone about it so we could finish the game 😂

Pennsylvania, NJ, and NY. Basically the most common.

When u said Tri-state area I automatically though of phineas and ferb lol


Oh, when I heard tri-state I automatically thought of the Cincinnati area. (I have actually never heard Pennsylvania, NY and NJ called the Tri-state)

I live in New Jersey and have never heard this term ever used.

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