Storm System Plows Through New England, Shuts Down Airports

Those are my pictures…

I didn’t get hit badly, but hail and mass power outages were reported in the Philly area. Also, PHL had massive delays.

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I had some bad weather in New Jersey and my lacrosse games were canceled.

Yeah, we got it bad in the Hudson Valley. Heavy rain drenched me in my light sweater on my 10mn walk from my late bus to home, filled with trees, not exactly ideal if you hear lots of thundering. Tornado warning in nearby county. Lost power for hours. School even got delayed this morning. Trees ripped out. No wonder flights were cancelled or delayed. Must have crippled Stewart Airport.

I was home alone while in this storm to.

Yea but down in PA we got slammed on us!

We just got through a nasty storm on the northeastern coast as well.

Took off part of our hanger at KSWF. had two people killed by falling trees, and still without power:(

The funny thing is, I had just told my wife a week ago that NY doesn’t get tornados like we did in VA or TX, then BAM, tornado warnings!

Yeah, I live not to far away from NYC. About 45 minutes north. I came home from school minutes before the storm at my bus stop and heard there was a tornado warning not to far away. I started walking to my house which is about 1 minute away. It got really dark quickly like the sun was setting and it was still early evening. I was kind of afraid since honestly, I didn’t know where the tornado was. The wind also picked up really rapidly, so I started running home. Thankfully, I made it home fine and it actually wasn’t as bad where I was then I expected. The rain was only moderate although there was some loud thunder and lightning. I don’t know why the storm wasn’t as severe at it looked like it was going to be.

Yeah, I just decided to share my story. It’s not the most interesting though I guess. Good luck to all effected by these severe thunderstorms and tornados.

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