Storm System Plows Through New England, Shuts Down Airports

Today (May 15th) an extremely powerful storm system entered New England bringing with it winds up to 136 mph, hail and tornadoes.

This caused Bradley International to completely shutdown and caused many canceled flights out of Boston and New York.

Storm Timeline

1:34 - Thunderstorm watch issued for most of CT and southern MA.

2:37 - Thunderstorm warning issued for Western CT.

3:05 - Thunderstorm warning issued for all of CT, southern MA. Tornado Watch issued for all of CT and southern MA.

4:01 - Tornado warning issued to most of CT with the accepting of the eastern counties.

4:29 - Tornadoes were spotted in Newtown

-Pretty much from the times 4:01 to 6:00 there were winds, rain and tornadoes.

Radar Pictures

It is unknown when airports will resume operations.

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oh yikes. I just looked. NYC is about to get slammed

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Some of the warnings you listed here are inaccurate. There were numerous tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings.

Most (if not all) of the region has had the worst already. NYC is currently experiencing light rain.


Some parts of NY got it bad, we were spared, just some gusty winds, heavy rain and thunder…


Here’s my view in New Jersey ignore the screen

Did ye know this was coming ?

Oh my that is bad weather

We’ve got only about three diversions into Manchester, NH. Not sure where they came from though.
They all departed to their destinations as of this post

Gridlock traffic, flash floods, and multiple transformer fires earlier today in Northern NJ.

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Ooohh yikes.
I also saw over 500,000 people are without power. Quite concerning.

Massachusetts wasn’t bad, just a lot of wind rain and thunderrrrrrr

Tell me how this is real world aviation related? All I see is radar shots and storms clouds? Maybe include storms pics from the clouds would be better

Shut down airports and many canceled/delayed flights is, in fact related to real world aviation.


Sorry I wasn’t in the clouds at the time…

The purpose of this topic was to spark discussion not stop it.

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I mean yeah but where’s the link to it or pictures from the airport of the clouds? People could make stuff up to make it fit!

Boston resident here. 👋

At one point, the storm really got going and started hammering us with strong winds and rain as well as lightning and thunder. I think this was the point when the cold front had moved in and was traveling northeast. Logan Airport was closed for about 20 minutes during this whole ordeal.

Things have calmed down now as I type this. Still lots of clouds in the sky and occasional rumbles of thunder but the rain is nothing but a light shower now. I think I see a bit of orange in the skies too.


Here in Delaware we are getting hammered with rain and tons of lighting strikes. Hope everyone is safe.

My dad departed from JFK about 30 mins before the crazy winds hit and cancelled many other flights. He told me that as the plane was climbing, they hit turbulence so bad that several people in the aircraft (a 767 to LAX) started screaming and the whole plane was shaking. They must’ve flown right around the storm!

I live in Ny no tornadoes touched down as far as i know major thubderstorms tho

Pittsburgh goy luckey! Bever county got the bottom of it, Bever is the county directely north of Allegheny County (the one I, KPIT, and Pittsburgh are in) we got nothing! Feel real bad for all you affected though looked bad…