Storm Erik Takeoff and Landing!


The past few days Storm Erik has been hitting the whole UK and parts of Europe with high winds at about 60kts! So I decided to do a flight right through the storm in an a320 from EDDF- LIMC and got some great sunset photos over Zurich!


Nice shots. What app are using for the announcements?


Wondering the same thing what app for the announcements


yeah man, the app for announcements seems pretty cool, which one is it?


I think he is using Infinite Flight Crew @N1RG @Jmacd20 @Prithvijit_Choudhary


I use Infinite Flight Crew


I use infinite flight crew


Infinite flight crew


Is it on Iphone


I don’t think so as I can’t find it on the App Store


This is only for android devices i think.


:( Bummer! It looks super cool!


Is there a thread on the IFC?