Storm Area 51 // Who Came? // Photo And Video Post Page - Polls Included!

Who Else Came?

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Mostly just took my aliens on a supersonic/inverted a380 trip
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Hi Jacob!

Youve posted before the images could Upload!

Could you try again?

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Will try again when I get home currently on break at work and don’t have the pics on this phone

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Still having the same issue uploading possibly due to bad internet connection last 2 days will try again tomorrow

Dont press send immediately!

Let them load before you send

I see myself in your photo:)

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I waited about 20 minutes until the number at the bottom reached 100% and it still didn’t work it got stuck at 18%for ages then zipped to the end I don’t think my connection is stable enough

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@Jacob_Edmunds plz take this to PM or creat a topic in the #meta catagorie to let the comunitay see if thay can help you.

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Thanks once again for the event.
I wished some pilots were more professional during take off and landing), but you couldn’t do anything for it…
Fly with us next time ;)



OK so I figured out I can’t upload any thing from my Iphone not sure why but I can upload one at a time from my android


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Nice shots @RonnyMartin and @Jacob_Edmunds



Its been 1 week past the event!

The poll hasnt changed so im gonna say we only had 42 people turn up.

Well, compared to the 320 plus who voted they would come has disappointed me!

Im gonna go cry now! 😭

Thanks to those 42 who did attend. I appreciate it!
Hope to see you at the BUTTER event!


Thank you for organising it had a blast👍🏻

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IFC you should be ashamed. You said 320 of yous would come.

Well…we should try again?!

(Credits in photo)


Just dive at full power from like 30-40 thousand feet, and then go vertical.


Idk who this guy in the 380 was but he pulled of a loop perfectly, in the 3rd image, the AF1 and the 737 us(me) giving way to another 737, I even took a F22 to space but could’nt get a photo of it, it was an amazing event, would surely come in the next event as well!😂😂👻