Storm Angus Disruption

There is forecast to be some disruption Early Sunday morning as Storm Angus hits the South East and East Anglia regions with extreme winds and torrential rain. There are a few airports such as Southampton and most likely Gatwick, that are expected to receive some of the heavy winds and torrential rain. Luckily, the storm will miss most of the major airports and it isn’t at a busy time, however there will be further disruption elsewhere across the country!

I’m in the storm path so it’ll be interesting!



Will be defiantly flying at EGKK tomorrow morning for some crosswind training !


Is that another hurricane?

Storm. Not anywhere as big.

I live in the south, I will be fine 😂

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Portsmouth here. Should be interesting.

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ATC open on expert server EGHI for some interesting landings

What, now??

am open now but wind wont pick up for a few hours

Essex here so I should be okay.

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EGHH now open as wind is 17g28kt

near manchester i am

Where I live it’s currently Raining heavily and winds are around 22mph, temperature is 4 degrees centigrade.

Other areas as shown below will get it much worse.

Surprised you still have power to be honest, hoping everyone in the affected regions are holding up ok

There has never been a power cut for as long as I have lived where I have which is literally my whole life and I live in the deep parts of the countryside, I guess it’s not normal for the south which is surprising as it seems like if anywhere the electrical grid would be the worst in the countryside

Luckily I live in the East so we tend to only get the milder end of any storm or weather front.

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It’s actually starting to pick up here. Certainly wouldn’t want to be up-in the skies right now!

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