Storing a flight in a way to be able to complete/resume later in case app crashes or exit out for some other reason

I wish we had an option to resume our flight EVEN if the app crashes. Like the app would save your last waypoint you crossed, that way your time won’t be wasted. It’s highly possible to do this on a mobile platform:)

Time and time again I see memory leaks occurring on super long flights, so that’s why in case if the app decides to give up/or when we suspend the app itself, it would be able to save and store your incomplete flight and then when you get back in the game/sim, you can select that flight to either resume from your last completed/reached waypoint or terminate the flight altogether. I think this would make flying so much more easier on IF, especially during long flights.

Note: I don’t expect this feature to roll out anytime soon, but there could be a possibility where a similar feature is released, which would be really cool.

What do you guys think about this potential feature?

Spawn in the air? 🤔

Sorry, but it doesn’t sound like it will happen. I’ve seen similar topics like you’re but no action will be done to out this into effect.


I wouldn’t call spawning. But a way that would at least allow you to RESUME your flight instead of starting over, in case if you close IF by accident or the app crashed. I have the latest iPad Pro, and iOS 13 was developed in a way that no matter how many apps you had opened, it would suspend them until you re-open the app. IF not only refreshes, but also gets rid of the entire flight you were doing for the past 12 hours. I think something needs to be done about it.

I don’t know if this is likely as it is not realistic?

Possibly. But, even if it doesn’t look real, it would save us a lot a pain haha.

That’s not possible. If you were on approach and suddenly someone “resumes the flight” you would all of a sudden crash into them. There is this feature in solo, but not on live, it’s just not possible, especially if you’re in a busy airspace. It would mess up traffic flow and people could easily get mixed up.


sigh whatever.

This has been discussed in many features before and is not currently planned.